Ager Hasan, accused killer, being sent back to Canada

Ager Hasan of Hamilton is accused of stabbing ex-girlfriend Melinda Vasilije to death in her Kitchener apartment in April. He has been held in a Texas jail since his arrest in July.

Hasan accused of stabbing ex-girlfriend Melinda Vasilje to death in her Kitchener apartment

Ager Mohsin Hasan, 24, of Hamilton is seen in this photo police circulated after the death of Melinda Vasilije. (Waterloo Regional Police)

It could be the new year before accused killer Ager Hasan is brought back to Canada, Waterloo Regional Police say.

Hasan, 24, of Hamilton is facing a second degree murder charge in Canada. 

He is accused of killing his former girlfriend, 22-year-old Melinda Vasilije. Police were called to her Country Hill Drive apartment at 3 a.m. on April 28 where she was found dead. Police have said she died of multiple stab wounds.

Police were advised Thursday by the United States Department of Justice that Hasan was ordered extradited by Texas Judge Betsy Chestney on Nov. 8.

"We will now be working with our U.S. partners to facilitate Mr. Hasan's return to Canada," police spokesperson Cherri Greeno said.

That includes filing the necessary paperwork to U.S. officials, then sending two Waterloo Regional Police Service officers down to San Antonio where Hasan is being held. Those officers will escort Hasan back to Canada.

In total, the process could take 60 days, Insp. Michael Haffner told CBC News.

Ager Hasan and Melinda Vasilije are seen in this photo, which was posted to the reddit website along with a post that offered a version of events of what may have happened in Vasilije's apartment the night she died.

Hasan left Canada the same day Vasilije was found dead. He entered the U.S. around 6 a.m. at the Peace Bridge from Fort Erie, Ont., to Buffalo, N.Y.

While on the run, Hasan kept in contact with police investigators via email and social media. It's also believed he posted online to Reddit and Instagram.

A post appeared on an Instagram account linked to Ager Hasan of Hamilton on the day he was arrested. In the post, the poster said Hasan was "coming home." (Instagram)

He was arrested in San Antonio, Texas, on July 11 by the U.S. Secret Service at a traffic stop as part of an ongoing counterfeit money investigation.

Police said Hasan and Vasilije had been in a relationship prior to her death and court documents show Hasan "had difficulty accepting" the end of a year-long relationship and Vasilije "was nervous" about being alone with him.