401 closes for 4th time in 9 days between Milton and Cambridge

For the fourth time in nine days the 401 was shut down during commuter hours between Milton and Cambridge.

Friday morning commute slowed by tractor trailer fire

A tractor trailer closed the eastbound lanes of Hwy. 401 at Guelph Line Friday morning. (Sgt. Kerry Schmidt/OPP)

For the fourth time in nine days the 401 was shut down during commuter hours between Milton and Cambridge.

All eastbound lanes of Highway 401 were closed at Guelph line during the Friday morning commute because of an overnight tractor trailer fire and diesel spill.

Recent 401 closures

OPP Sergeant Kerry Schmidt told CBC KW earlier this week the common thread with all the collisions is they involved transport trucks.

  • On Oct. 11 all westbound lanes near the Highway 6 south exit were closed at 5 a.m. for several hours after a fiery crash involving a car and a transport truck. In that crash, diesel fuel ate through the asphalt on the road, meaning it needed to be resurfaced before anyone could drive on it again.
  • On Oct. 17 a multi-vehicle crash closed the westbound lanes at Guelph Line the and clean-up included diesel fuel that spilled out of a transport truck.
  • On Oct. 18 at 2 a.m, a dump truck carrying asphalt was rear-ended near Cambridge, shutting down lanes for several hours.
  • On Oct. 20 a transport-trailer catches fire closing the 401 eastbound at Guelph Line.

There were no fatalities in any of the collisions.