3D crosswalks in Waterloo use optical illusions to make drivers slow down

Staff at the Boardwalk shopping plaza in Waterloo have painted two 3D crosswalks at the Medical Centre as a traffic calming effort.

Crews painted the crosswalks near the Boardwalk in Waterloo over the Victoria Day long weekend

Several 3D crossings have been implemented at Waterloo's The Boardwalk as a traffic calming measure. (Submitted by: The Boardwalk)

If you happen to be at the Boardwalk shopping plaza in Waterloo, you may notice something new: several 3D crosswalks painted around the plaza's medical centre.

Two 3D crosswalks were painted over the Victoria Day long weekend on the south side of the medical centre, in hopes of catching drivers' attention. Crews used four different colours of paint to give the optical illusion that the crosswalk is floating as drivers approach.

Boardwalk staff wanted to create a solution that didn't involve adding more signs to remind drivers to slow down.

"Typically, these [crosswalks] are template pavement stripes, but we wanted to implement something unique with the patient in mind," Cynthia Voisin, project coordinator of the medical centre at the Boardwalk said in release.

The plaza sees more than 2,000 visitors daily, Voisin said. It is also located near a busy bus terminal.

Cities like Montreal—and countries such as France and Germany— have also implemented 3D crosswalks on city roads to help alert drivers.

Crews painted the two crosswalks over the Victoria Day long weekend. (Submitted by: The Boardwalk)


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