Over $300K in drugs seized by Waterloo Regional police

Waterloo Regional Police arrested a Cambridge man in a private parking lot in Mississauga on Tuesday. The ensuing melee saw one suspect escape, but police then seized a large cache of illegal drugs in Cambridge.

Waterloo Regional Police have uncovered $300,000 worth of illegal drugs in Cambridge after arresting a man during an altercation in a private parking lot in Mississauga on Tuesday. 

Kyle Atkinson, 35, has been charged with eight counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and one count of possession of a controlled substance.

Officers with the police service's crime management team arrested Atkinson on Dec. 1 as he was in the middle of an alleged drug deal with another unknown male according to Staff Sgt. Paul Lobsinger. 

"The unknown male used his vehicle to purposely ram one of our police cars and fled the scene," Lobsinger said of the fracas. "However, Mr. Atkinson was arrested at the scene."

He said police found half a pound of cocaine, two pounds of marijuana and three Percocet pills at the scene, totalling $14,000. 

On Wednesday, police searched two of Atkinson's residences—one on St. Andrews Street and another on Grand Avenue—and uncovered a large cache of drugs and goods. 

  • 57 pounds of marijuana with an approximate street value of $171,000.
  • 2 kilograms of cocaine with an approximate value $100,000.
  • 88 grams of heroin with an approximate value of $26,400.
  • 66 grams of cannabis resin with an approximate value $660.
  • 81 Percocet pills with an approximate value of $400.00.
  • 17 grams of psilocybin with an approximate value of $150.
  • $1,050 in cash.
  • A drug press.
  • A money counter.
  • Digital scales.
  • A vacuum sealer.
  • Three safes.

"It's a significant seizure for sure," Lobsinger said, adding that crime management team investigations tend to be quick, but yields tend to be small.

Drugs seized after WRPS executed search warrants in Cambridge. (WRPS)
Some of the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of illegal drugs that Waterloo Regional Police seized this week. (WRPS)


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