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Why it's important to tip well and follow restaurant rules, writes Andrew Coppolino

This pandemic has had a significant impact on the wait staff at your favourite restaurant, bar or take out place. Food columnist Andrew Coppolino looks at what they've been experiencing and what diners can do to help.
Happiness column

Feeling festive earlier this year? Research says that's to be expected: Jennifer Moss

Many people are feeling the urge to deck the halls a little earlier this year and happiness columnist Jennifer Moss says research shows getting in the festive spirit early can actually make you feel better.

Hides from hunters program in jeopardy as market falters

The program rewarding Ontario hunters who donate deer and moose hides to an Indigenous leather harvest project is in jeopardy as COVID-19, combined with cheap leather imports, threatens to bankrupt the scheme.

'Dramatically reduce' social interactions or region 'will spiral into a lockdown': Dr. Wang

Waterloo region's medical officer of health issued a warning to people to "dramatically reduce" their social interactions with people outside of their households or else the region will "spiral into a lockdown." Public health reported 75 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday.

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