Key witness in Tran murder trial changes his testimony

A key witness in the murder trial of Shannon Murrin is changing his story. Murrin is charged with killing Mindy Tran five years ago in Kelowna.

In a Vancouver courtroom today, a neighbor changed the time he last saw the eight-year-old girl alive. Dale Breit has been touted as one of the last people to see Mindy alive on August 17th, 1994. In court today, he testified he was working on his van, next door to where Murrin was living. He knew Mindy because she played with a girl who lived in the same house as Murrin. Breit recalled he said "hi" to her, at 6:45 p.m.

The Crown contends the girl was on her way to visit her friend, but found only Murrin at home. According to the Crown, Murrin killed Mindy between 6:45 and 7:15 p.m. But Breit's testimony runs counter to what he said the day Mindy disappeared. The defense lawyer pointed to a statement Breit made to the police. The neighbor had suggested he last saw the eight-year-old girl as much as an hour earlier.

Another witness has placed Mindy near Murrin just before the Crown says she was killed. Last week, Ryan Campbell said he saw Mindy going up Murrin's driveway.