Wetlands near Logan Lake being restored

Back to nature. Restoration work has been underway in the wetlands near Logan Lake since 2011. This weekend, there was a public open house showing off what's been accomplished.

BCIT students are helping to fix up a wetland near Logan Lake

In the eighties, people in Logan Lake put in a golf course.

Marge Sidney is a biologist with the B.C. government (Jenifer Norwell/CBC)

While it was great for the residents, it played havoc with the local wetlands.

Since 2011, a group of biologists and BCIT students have been trying to change that though habitat restoration.

Doug Ransome teaches at BCIT (Jenifer Norwell/CBC)

Over the weekend, there was a public open tour of the ecosystem to show off what's been accomplished so far.

Daybreak's Jenifer Norwell went to the wetland to find out more about what's been restored.

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