Ty Pozzobon, bull rider, recuperating from collapsed lung

Tough as nails. That's an understatement. Ty Pozzobon, the bull rider is recuperating from a collapsed lung. That's what happens when a bull steps on your chest.

Tough as nails. That's an understatement.

Ty Pozzobon (Shelley Joyce)

Ty Pozzobon picked a dangerous career.  The 23-year-old from Merritt is a Canadian star on the professional bull riding circuit.  He gets crushed.  Stepped on.  Pounded by  bulls that weigh close to two-thousand pounds.
Ty grew up on a ranch in Merritt. He is the host of the Ty Pozzobon invitation PBR to be held in Merritt this Saturday.

We wrangled Ty into the Daybreak studio.  And together, we watched a clip of him getting thrown and then pounced on by a monster named Rock River Red.

To hear the audio, click the link: Ty Pozzobon, the bull rider, recuperating from collapsed lung


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