MP Cathy McLeod on safe consumption sites

Where does Ottawa sit when it comes to safe consumption sites? Interior Health is considering both Kamloops and Kelowna as possible locations for the site. We heard from Kamloops MP Cathy McLeod.

Interior Health Authority wants to fund a safe consumption site in either Kelowna or Kamloops

Conservative Kamloops-Thompson-Cariboo MP Cathy McLeod is worried about the financial hit the federal government will take if a new stat holiday is implemented. (CBC)

This week, we've been hearing about some of the ways the Interior Health Authority is trying to deal with the high number of opioid overdoses in the area. It's already expanded the Take Home Naloxone program. 

Now it's looking to set up a safe drug consumption site in either Kelowna or Kamloops. It has funding for one of them. But decisions about safe consumption sites rest mostly with federal and municipal governments.

W heard that Kamloops Mayor Peter Milobar told us why he wants the site. To find out what Ottawa's position is towards a safe consumption site, Shelley Joyce spoke with the Conservative MP for Kamloops - Thompson- Cariboo Cathy McLeod.

To hear the interview, click the link: MP Cathy McLeod on safe consumption sites