Kamloops backyard hens popular despite being illegal

Back yard hens are technically illegal in Kamloops. But that hasn't stopped many homeowners. Chickens are so popular, there's actually a waiting list to get some!

Backyard hens are technically illegal in Kamloops. But that hasn't stopped homeowners.

(A backyard hen/Photo by Samantha Garvey) (Samantha Garvey)
(Some backyard hens/Photo by Samantha Garvey) (Samantha Garvey)

If you know anyone raising chickens in their backyard in Kamloops, you may be friends with an outlaw.  As it stands, hens are not allowed on most Kamloops properties.  You've got to have at least an acre.

But many homeowners have ignored the rules and built a coop anyway.  In fact, egg-laying hens are apparently so popular in the city, there's a waiting list to buy them.

One Kamloops man has five hens in his downtown yard.  Daybreak's Samantha Garvey paid him a visit.

To hear the audio, click the link: Kamloops backyard hens become all the rage despite being illegal


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