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Homeless advocate Barry Shantz ID'd as man killed in police shooting in Lytton

A man shot and killed by the RCMP near Lytton, B.C., earlier this month has been identified by friends and family as homeless advocate Barry Shantz.

Cold weather both helping and hindering Big Bar landslide clean up

Colder temperatures have meant lower water levels at the Big Bar landslide site, so it’s been easier for excavators to do work in the river. But the cold snap in mid-January meant it was too cold for equipment or people to work at the site.

New family room at Kamloops hospital aims to relieve some pressure for parents of sick kids

"It's going to give parents an opportunity to be able to focus their energy on things that are more important than worrying about accommodations or financial costs," said Sarah Irvine, co-chair of the Ronald McDonald House committee.

Huge ice disc makes rare appearance on South Thompson River 

A strange, swirling circle of ice that appeared at a bend in the South Thompson River has attracted plenty of attention in the Kamloops area. It was not caused by "alien stuff".

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