Justin Trudeau denies reports about his future

Justin Trudeau denies he is leaving his teaching position at a Vancouver private school to give speeches.

The eldest son of the late Pierre Elliott Trudeau says although he is leaving West Point Grey Academy, reports that he was planning to take up public speaking are wrong.

Trudeau says he remains committed to education. Newspaper The Montreal Gazette reported Wednesday that Trudeau will leave West Point Grey Academy for at least one year to give speeches. The Gazette quoted one teacher at the school as saying Trudeau, 29, has received "a whack" of public-speaking offers.

The Gazette's managing editor, Raymond Brassard said the newspaper would have a follow-up story on its front page Thursday.

Hates publicity

Trudeau has repeatedly said he hates publicity and loves the anonymity his teaching job gives him.

"And though perhaps I am overly hopeful in still considering myself to be a private citizen, I would expect that the media would at least refrain from inventing front-page stories concerning me.''

His statement was issued by Heenan Blaikie, his father's former law firm.