Final Jeopardy for Canadians: Here are some northern winners over the years

No more Canadian contestants on Jeopardy? Say it ain't so, Alex Trebek of Sudbury, Ont. Here are some of the notable Canadians who have appeared on the popular game show.

Host Alex Trebek may be last Canadian standing on television's long-running quiz show

Host Alex Trebek, born in Sudbury, Ont., may be the last Canadian standing on Jeopardy! (Chris Pizzello/Invision/Associated Press)

No more Canadian contestants on Jeopardy? Say it ain't so, Alex Trebek of Sudbury, Ont.

The show, which says it is now "precluded from accepting registration information from Canadian residents," has had scores of Canadian contestants since the daily version began in 1984.

Here are some of the notable winners from Canada who have appeared on Jeopardy over the years. (Our source is, an elaborate, independent fan-created archive of contestants and questions.)

  • Doug Hicton,
    Doug Hicton. (Jeopardy)
    a music composer from Toronto (originally from Regina), was the 2007 Tournament of Champions first runner-up, winning $100,000 US. He was also a three-time champion that year, winning $86,900.
  • Bob Blake,
    Bob Blake. (Jeopardy)
    a Vancouver actuary, won five games in 1983 (which was then the maximum allowed), winning $82,501. Because the limit then was $75,000, he donated his surplus winnings to Oxfam. He returned in the 1990 Tournament of Champions, winning $100,000.
  • Darryl Tahirali,
    Darryl Tahirali. (Jeopardy)
    a proposal writer from Toronto, took home $86,003 in 2008 as a three-time champion in that season.
  • Andrew Haringer, a teaching fellow at Quest University in Squamish, B.C., won $98,599 in 2015. He won five games in a row, then was knocked out with a loss. Note to patriots: while he was identified on the show as being from B.C., he later told Global News he was originally from Seattle.
  • Kevin Wilson,
    Kevin Wilson. (Jeopardy)
    a communications specialist from Toronto (originally Windsor, Ont.), won $77,998 in 2009, also as a three-time champion. In a note to fans on, Wilson wrote about the show that "the friendships I've formed … and the respect I've developed for every single member of the Jeopardy team are infinitely more valuable than the winnings or any bragging rights I may have."
  • Frédérique Delaprée,
    Frédérique Delaprée (Jeopardy)
    an Ottawa foreign service officer, appeared on the show in 2014 and won $22,800 over three games, according to "It's very exciting," she told an interviewer soon afterward. "I never could have imagined something like that happening to me. So I'm really happy."
  • Francois Dominic Laramée,
    Francois Laramée. (Jeopardy)
    a writer and TV personality from Verdun., Que., is listed as taking home $47,300 in 2009 as a two-time champion.
  • Maryanne Lewell,
    Maryanne Lewell. (Jeopardy)
    a teacher from Saint John, may have been the biggest winner. While lists her winnings as $10,000, the 2015 Teachers Tournament contestant met her match: fellow contestant and South Carolina resident Mike Townes. They plan to marry in 2017. "We both happen to be kind of nerds, and into the same kind of thing, and with a weird sense of humour, and obviously both smart enough to get on Jeopardy," Townes told CBC News last August.
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