Improvements coming to petroglyph park

A provincial park featuring prehistoric stone carvings is getting a facelift. The province is spending $40,000 to improve access and safety at St. Victor's Petroglyphs, southeast of Assiniboia.

Safety concerns emerged after some of the petroglyphs were damaged in a rockslide last month. Since then, the park has been closed.

While archeologists and local groups are welcoming the improvements, some say there is more that needs to be done.

"It has tremendous potential for intercultural connection and education and appreciation," says Tim Jones of the Saskatchewan Archeological Society.

"It should be visited carefully and respectfully. But leaving it just to the elements so to speak and leaving it the way it is I don't think is what we feel is the ultimate best use for the site."

Jones feels the government should build an interpretive centre at the site. He also feels that some of the petroglyphs in danger of being damaged should be structurally reinforced.

The park will re-open at the end of the summer at the earliest.