Honderich quits as Toronto Star publisher

Toronto Star publisher John Honderich announces he will step down on May 5

A decade after taking over as publisher of the country's largest daily newspaper, John Honderich has announced he is leaving the Toronto Star.

Honderich, who became publisher in 1994, sent a memo to staff at the Star announcing he would step down as of May 5.

According to a story in Monday's edition of the Star, Honderich told staff he was leaving "with regret..."

"For some time, there has been a corporate desire for change. As a result, I have worked hard to bring about an effective transition, and will continue to do so."

Honderich oversaw the paper during the newspaper wars which began in 1998 with the introduction of the National Post into an already crowded Toronto market.

The Star held up well in the ensuing wars, maintaining its position as the largest Canadian daily newspaper.

But Honderich has reportedly struggled with Torstar chief executive officer and president Robert Prichard over the editorial direction of the paper.

Prichard, who came to Torstar in 2001, offered praise for Honderich in a statement released on Sunday.

"John has a lifelong commitment to the Toronto Star," Prichard said.

"He has discharged admirably the fundamental responsibility of every publisher of a great newspaper – to leave it to his successor stronger than when he received it."

Honderich's father Beland Honderich ran the Star as editor and publisher from the mid-1950s until the 1980s.