Home canners claim victory over Gem jars

Local home canners are claiming victory after a company that discontinued their chosen jar lids are now promising to fill their needs by reproducing the 78 mm Gem Jar model.

Bernardin Canada received hate mail and several petitions from angry canners when it suddenly stopped producing the popular lid. The controversy even caught the attention of the CBC program Marketplace, which invited one woman to the Gem jar manufacturer's head office where she formally presented a company executive with her petition.

To no avail, the prairie canning favourite appeared to be headed for extinction and some canners were left with hundreds of jars they were unable to use. Now Bernardin's Judy Kingrey says the announcement to once again produce the lids comes after long debates within the company.

"It's kind of like in football", she explains, "The decision went to the replay officials and the replay official reversed the decision. So we are going to reinstitute the production of Gem lids."

Bernardin originally discontinued the lids last year because they said there wasn't enough demand. Since then, another company in Ontario also agreed to produce more than six million lids for canners who need them.