HMCS Montreal prepares for anti-terrorism mission

Canadian frigate gets set for Operation Apollo in the Arabian Sea.

After waiting for nearly a year, more than 200 Canadian sailors are getting set to join the so-called war on terrorism in the Arabian Sea.

This week, the crew of HMCS Montreal are putting the ship through sea trials, and making sure the guns work, before heading across the globe.

The Halifax-class frigate, and her crew of 240, will leave port for a six-month assignment with Operation Apollo, patrolling the Arabian Sea looking for smugglers and fleeing al-Qaeda and Taliban members.

The crew will continue their intensive training as they make their way to the theatre of operations, to make sure both they and their ship are ready for the job.

"As the captain of the ship I can take it over there, knowing that my systems are as good as they are going to be and as good as they can be," said Cmdr. Gary "Doc" Hatton.

It's been a bit of a wait for Hatton and the rest of his crew. The Montreal was in drydock on Sept. 11, undergoing routine maintenance.

Canada has three ships taking part in Operation Apollo, the frigate St. John's, the destroyer Algonquin, and the supply ship Protecteur.