High winds leave Point Pelee pointless

It appears that Ontario's Point Pelee National park has lost its point.

It appears that Ontario's Point Pelee National Park has lost its point.

The southernmost tip of Canada is in the park, near the town of Leamington.

There have always been several hundred metres of sand jutting out from the mainland. But park officials say recent high winds have washed away the sand point and all that remains is a platform.

The park advertises itself as "the southernmost tip of Canada's mainland, which is at the same latitude as northern California," and attracts more than 400,000 visitors per year.

A park official says a no-swimming sign that used to mark the southernmost point washed up on a beach in Madison, Ohio, about 100 kilometres across Lake Erie.

Officials say the sand patterns at the point change frequently, but this is the first time the point has disappeared completely.