Hells Angels hit man 'Apache' Trudeau up on sex charges

Notorious Quebec hitman 'Apache' Trudeau makes court appearance in Quebec.

One of Canada's most notorious murderers made an unexpected appearance in a courtroom in Saint-Jerome, Que., Wednesday afternoon to face sexual assault charges.

Yves (Apache) Trudeau worked as a hired assassin for the Hells Angels in the 1980s before he became a police informer. He was in the witness protection program until he suddenly surfaced in police custody to face the new charges.

Trudeau walked into the courtroom in manacles, unshaven and thin. The 57-year-old faces 10 charges, among them sexual assault against a minor.

For the past decade, Trudeau has been living in the community under a new identity.

But in the 1970s and 1980s, he worked as a hit man for the Hells Angels.

One time, Trudeau killed an innocent man thinking he was somebody else.

By the mid 1980s, the Hells Angels wanted to kill Trudeau, so he became a police informer and helped put 42 fellow bikers behind bars. As part of the deal, Trudeau served only eight years in jail for manslaughter.

After that, he was released and his identity was shielded with the witness protection program.

Trudeau was supposed to have a bail hearing Wednesday, but his case was postponed until April 29, because he has yet to get a lawyer.