Hedy Fry won't speculate on portfolio loss

Former multiculturalism minister says she'll still serve her constituents despite losing post

The former secretary of state for multiculturalism who lost her post says she'll continue to serve her constituents, despite a difficult term.

Hedy Fry was dropped from cabinet during Tuesday's shuffle and sent back to the Liberal backbench.

She had faced criticism throughout most of last year, and garnered calls for her resignation from the opposition.

It began last spring in the House of Commons when she announced that racists were burning crosses in Prince George, B.C. "You just have to go to British Columbia, in Prince George, where crosses are being burned on lawns as we speak," she told MPs.

She later said she regretted her statements and apologized to the people of Prince George.

Since then, opposition MPs have called Fry's credibility into question.

But speaking on a CBC Radio program in British Columbia Tuesday, Fry wouldn't say if she thought the cross-burning comment caused her to lose her post.

"People may speculate about why cabinet changes are made. I think at the end of the day, the prime minister makes cabinet changes based on what his new objectives are, how he's moving forward and what talent pool he needs around the table," Fry said.

She added that she'll continue to serve her constituents and believes her cabinet experience makes her even more valuable as a representative.