Harry Potter books won't be read in classes

Harry Potter may be the most popular kid in bookstores around the world, but he's having problems at a school in Corner Brook.

A teacher has been told to stop reading a Harry Potter book to the class.

Millions and millions of the books have been sold. The central character, Harry Potter, is a magical hero. Even parents love him.

He's so popular, that a teacher at Humber Elementary was reading it to Grade Five's. But, the reading ended abruptly when one parent expressed concern about the possible association with witchcraft.

Many of the school children and their parents says that's a shame.

School principal, Diane Squarey, said the books are not banned from the school. Students can still bring them in and read them privately. She said stopping the reading in class was a case of putting the rights of one individual ahead of the rights of everybody else.

Squarey said both she and the parent who complained are reading Harry Potter to see if the concern is valid.

The principal is not sure if she will change her mind on the classroom reading.