Hamilton residents in their 20s make up more than half of recent COVID-19 infections

More than half of recent Hamilton COVID-19 infections are in people in their 20s according to public health.

While young people are getting the virus more than other age groups, overall case numbers have remained stable

People in their 20s continue to account for the majority of new COVID-19 cases in Hamilton. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

More than half of recent Hamilton COVID-19 infections are in people in their 20s according to public health.

In the last 10 days there have been just 17 new infected people. Of those, two are under the age of nine and 10 are in their 20s.

Public health has emphasized for weeks that younger people are making up most of the new cases.

"We continue to see cases in that young adult range and all of this to say the cases aren't at zero, there are active cases in our community," Michelle Baird, director of healthy and safe communities at Hamilton Public Health, previously told CBC.

The majority of new infections has come from close contact with a COVID-positive person or through community spread.

Public health reports 20 active cases in Hamilton as of Wednesday, nine of which are probable. 

That means the number of active cases known to public health has remained relatively stable since Friday.

Overall, 903 people are known to have been infected in Hamilton. The virus has killed 45 people in the city and 838 have recovered.

Hamilton Health Sciences says it has five or fewer COVID-19 patients in its care.


There are 11 people in Brant/Brantford known to have COVID-19, up four from Friday. None are in hospital.

There have been 148 confirmed cases. Of those, 133 have recovered and four have died.


Both counties have a combined 30 known COVID-19 cases right now, up one from Friday.

The total number of confirmed cases is 463. Of those, 401 people have recovered and 32 have died. 


There are 17 people known to have COVID-19 in Halton. That's six down from Friday. The region has 913 known cases (831 confirmed, 82 probable).

Of those, 871 people have recovered and 25 people have died.

In Burlington, four people are known to have the virus right now. The city has seen 188 cases, of which 177 have recovered and seven have died.


Niagara began implementing an indoor masking policy over the weekend. There are 58 active cases in the region. That's down 17 from Friday.

It has seen 877 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic.

Of the total cases, 755 people have recovered and 64 people have died.