Want to be an Olympian? Prove your stuff this Saturday.

Anybody from age 14-25 can compete in RBC Training Ground at Brock University this Saturday for the chance to get noticed by top sporting coaches.

Anyone age 14-25 can compete in RBC Training Ground at Brock University

A young athlete competes at a previous RBC Training Ground event. (RBC Training Ground)

Think you could be an Olympic athlete?

You can prove it this weekend.

The RBC Training Ground is taking place at Brock University in St. Catharines on Saturday.

Anybody from age 14 to 25 can test their athletic skills, under the watchful eye of national sports organizations looking to identify Olympic prospects.

"A lot of people just have no idea" how good they actually are, said Kurt Innes, director of talent development for the Canadian Sport Institute Pacific and technical lead for the RBC Training Ground.

If you've never had your speed or strength measured against other people, he said, you may not realize your athletic potential.

4 testing events

Athletes take part four generic testing events: a vertical jump, a 40-metre sprint, a strength test and an endurance test.

There will be coaches at each station collecting data, he said.

The idea is to discover promising athletes and people who might excel in sports they haven't tried, Innes said. 

Top athletes may be invited for further testing in specific sports, he added.

The Alberta dates are April 7 (Edmonton), May 4 (Fort McMurray) and May 12 (Calgary). (RBC Training Ground)

Top athletes found through program

Over the last three years, the program has identified several top athletes, Innes said— including Trevor Jones, who went on to win gold at the World Rowing Championship.

The idea is to regionalize athlete identification, Innes said, so people don't have to travel long distances. Plus, they can test for multiple sports in one venue.

RBC Training Grounds will be taking place across Canada throughout the year.

"Those identified as having high potential receive funding and other forms of support they need to one day reach an Olympic podium," says the event website.

Free event, all are welcome

The event is free. People are encouraged to register ahead of time, but anyone is welcome.

Innes emphasized that this is a competitive — not recreational — event.