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Supercrawl will be super big in Hamilton this year

Supercrawl organizers are going big with a huge array of things to do September 14 and September 15.
Broken Social Scene and crowd from the rooftop of 118 James Street N. (Supercrawl Facebook Page)

Supercrawl is growing.

When it launches on Sept. 14, the homegrown Hamilton festival will extend upwards and outwards: nearly 18 metres in the air and more than 22 kilometres away.

Last year’s festival attracted 50,000 people to a closed off area on James Street North between Murray Street West and York Boulevard/Wilson Street. This year, organizers hope to double that number and attract 100,000 people.

"We’re branching out," said the festival’s director, Tim Potocic.

"We added an extra stage, we have five now. So we added an extra block to accommodate that content."

The festival will extend from Murray Street West, which is just in front of Liuna Station, to King Street East.

Gore Park will be closed off as well, and will feature one of two smaller stages. The other will be at Robert Street.

The festival officially starts Friday Sept. 14 at 6 p.m.

"A stage will be built in a parking lot (at Colbourne) between Cannon and Barton," said Potocic. "With four bands playing from 7 p.m. to midnight."

"We’ll also be setting up a screen outdoors on James Street North and FestItalia will be showing the 1960s film La Dolce Vita (in Italian with English subtitles)."

Potocic says the film screening will be a way to help engage the large Italian community that lives downtown.

"We want them to get out and enjoy Supercrawl and see what we can do for the community as well. That is one of our major initiatives . . . community involvement," said Potocic.

The three main stages will be set up by Saturday at noon, and in addition to the musical entertainment planned, the festival will have an impressive array of performing artists.

"We have a couple of circuses coming down," said Potocic.

"Circus Orange will perform on Saturday evening. They will have several acrobats hanging from a large crane . . . we will be hoisting them up 50 to 60 feet above the street where they will be performing their acrobatics," said Potocic.

They also have a laserist, who will be shining lasers up and down James Street North and over the surrounding areas.

"The largest laser he’s bringing has a radius of 14 miles," said Potocic.

"He’s going to shoot it over Binbrook, Ancaster, the bay side of Burlington and down to Stoney Creek. Hopefully people will see the lasers and follow them down to Supercrawl," said Potocic.

"We want to keep pushing the envelope in terms of the performance content that we’re bringing. We want people to be wowed."

Here’s a list of all the performance artists that will be participating at Supercrawl.

On Friday, September 14:

FestItalia will be showing the Academy Award winning classic film La Dolce Vita [1960] (in Italian with English subtitles) outdoors on James Street North. Seating will be available.

The performance Burnout by Steven Laurie activates Laurie's sculptural work with its visual reference to blue-collar trades, masculinity, pastime activity, consumerism, and horseplay. The act of burning rubber is reinvented as artistic gesture and imprint on James Street North. 

A number of the art displays will also be started on Friday night so that they will be ready in time for Saturday morning.

On Saturday, September 15:

Circus Orange will light up Supercrawl with their fantastic acrobatics and pyrotechnics displays.

Zacada Circus School will be doing sand art projecting a silks acrobatic performance and will have contortionists on the main stage.

Tribe MayaFire is an American Tribal Style® (ATS®) bellydance performance troupe based in southern Ontario.

Cadenas is a Flamenco dance troupe featuring dancers Tamar Ilana, Angela Del Sol and Ilse Gudiño, accompanied by guitarist Dennis Duffin.

Blackbird Studios will be launching their FALL/WINTER 2012 Collection -THE MORTAL FLESH during Supercrawl.

Innovation Factory presents a hip, local contest in disguise as a retro videogame. Get in the game at SUPERCRAWL with their 8-bit obstacle course.

Members of the Hamilton Ti-Cats football team will be doing an autograph session during the afternoon.

The Hamilton Public Library will be doing children’s readings and having a live puppet show. More information on this will follow in a later press release.

The Citadel Theatre in association with Hammer Entertainment, Hamilton Urban Theatre, Southern Ontario College and Supercrawl are proud to present a special addition to this years Supercrawl. The Citadel’s studio space will welcome theatre companies from around the city and surrounding areas to showcase their seasons.

The Toronto Hyperbolic Crochet Reef is a collective project of endless crochet for the city of Toronto. Inspired by the pioneering work in hyperbolic crochet of Dr. Daina Taimina and the artful modelling projects of the Institute for Figuring in Los Angeles, the Toronto Reef is just one in a great confluence of reefs worldwide.

Hamilton 24 will be running shorts from their film festival inside the former Bank Of Montreal Building at King and James. (sponsored by Meridian Credit Union).

Film projections will also be shown on the big James Street stage (Adad Hannah) as well on James Street North (Nathan Cyprys). These are listed under the arts section of the website.

Presented by The Hamilton Conservatory of the Arts, the 2010/2011 ARTASIA project explored children's ideas about neighbourhood transformation. Building on these voices and visions, City Voices is an artistic investigation of this theme of city building through listening, using interviews, sound, and video of a city in flux.

Presented by the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, in this hands-on activity, organic farmer Julia Hitchock will be presenting different seeds and making seed balls (or nendo dango and tsuchi dango in Japanese) which can be planted almost anywhere.

The Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Para Pan Am Community Tour will have children's activities including an Archery inflatable, a Wheelchair Basketball Inflatable, an Athlete Achievement area and an information tent.

The Hamilton Conservatory of the Arts will also be curating a Childrens Area.

The Naked Beat Drum Circle is all about the healing energy that comes through drumming. Within the Supercrawl children's area, the circle will be moving to the rhythm of the festival, keeping the environment around Supercrawl.

More information on the performance art can be found at: