Should Hamilton care about U.S. writer's fashion criticisms?

Some people are upset Hamilton ranks fourth on a worst dressed list by a site we've never heard of. Why do we care? Denim on denim? We're all for it.

Beaux Mondes writer Stephanie Trendocher asks: Is Hamilton sartorially challenged?

Hamilton arts and culture blogger Stephanie Trendocher (

Some people are upset Hamilton has ranked 4th on a worst dressed list by a site I’ve never heard of.

 Why do we care?

The reality is Hendrik Pohl’s rationale is entirely subjective. Denim on denim? I'm all for it. If he followed The Man Repeller, he’d know there are many ways to wear a Canadian tuxedo without committing a fashion crime.

Pohl faults the city’s lack of style on conformity. But how does one define the inherent style of a city? Hamilton is a beautiful place. It’s a city in the midst of cultural emergence; an up-and-coming destination for twenty-somethings to establish themselves after university.

A quick scan of the local shops and businesses in Hamilton offers a sample of the city’s current priorities: arts, design, craft, culture, food. Fashion isn’t necessarily the focus.

U.S. fashion writer Hendrik Pohl says Hamilton is the 4th worst dressed city on the world.

Six years ago, when street style blogs were emerging, I documented Hamilton’s style in a blog called The Galvanize Lab. It contrasted the style of Hamiltonians against its then industrial backdrop.

We’ve progressed a lot since. When you look at our city as a whole, Hamilton has budding districts where the locals convey true style. Just look at the fashionable folk that appear during Art Crawl on James North, and the new street style blogs capturing them on camera. Where are they hiding out the rest of the month?

Is Hamilton sartorially challenged? Not entirely. Is it a fashion capital? No.

Pohl's 10 Worst Dressed Cities

1. Beijing

2. Bucharest

3. Dublin

4. Hamilton

5. Helsinki

6. Manchester

7. Maui

8. Ottawa

9. Reykjavik

10. Sydney

We aren't yet a Brooklyn, Portland or an Austin when it comes to style. Hamilton mainly offers traditional mall stores, a small selection of vintage, and very few independent clothing shops that give tastemakers a chance to truly define their style.

As our cultural landscape develops, the city may grow to develop an elevated appreciation for fashion. With reputable shops like Milli and Newman’s Menswear, and emerging ones like O’s Clothes, Blackbird Studios and Solee Shoes establishing their own presence in Hamilton we know there is potential.

GQ recently published its list of the "40 Worst Dressed Cities in America" ranking Jersey Shore 18th. If like me, you are wondering how it didn’t place first, you’ll realize these lists are all arbitrary.

Stephanie Trendocher writes for a lifestyle blog in Hamilton.