Local blogger takes on U.S. fashionista over criticism of Hamilton

Hamilton blogger Jentine has a few words for the American blogger who listed Hamilton as the 4th worst-dressed city in the world.
Hamilton blogger Jentine says a U.S. fashion critic doesn't know a thing about Hamilton fashion. (Courtesy of

I woke up on Wednesday to a tweet that Hamilton had been named the fourth worst dressed city in the world. I adjusted my Ti-Cat track pants and clicked through to the accompanying article.

It turns out some guy selling microfiber ties on the internet thought too many Hamiltonians wore Khakis, denim on denim and gothic chic, and so deemed our city to be one of the worst dressed cities in the world.

To be honest, I agree that Hamilton is not a particularly fashionable city. We certainly do have stylish citizens and some great boutiques and stores but as a whole, Hamilton is not known for its style.

What irks me about the ranking though, is that the author of the list, Hendrik Pohl, named Hamilton as the fourth worst dressed city in the world (really..? in the whole. wide. world?) based on an obviously superficial visit and some light internet research.

Grinning U.S. fashion writer Hendrik Pohl says Hamilton is the 4th worst dressed city in the world. He sells microfibre ties.

He checked a few local blogs, read a couple newspaper articles and looked at photos (what photos I wonder...). Sounds thorough. He also went shopping at Limeridge Mall and found nothing that caught his eye. Judging a city's stylishness on one of its suburban malls is a little like standing in the food court of that same mall and lamenting the lack of fine dining choices.

If he were in the market for some higher end menswear, it would have taken him two seconds and the magic of Google to find Coppley and Newman's. Both are highly respected names in menswear based out of Hamilton. And their ties are silk.

I'm clearly the fool though, for taking the time to respond to some post from some guy who made some list. I just can't help but get all defensive when Hamilton gets hammered (see what I did there?) with a bad reputation from a surface impression.

Maybe next time Mr. Pohl is in the city, someone can give him a proper tour of Hamilton. Show him the old, the new, the good, the bad, the velour track suits and the perfectly cuffed, peg legged and suspendered denim pants. After that he can make a fair post on Hamilton and its style.

There is a new (dare I say trendy?) energy in the city, and when mixed in with its blue collar roots, it makes this city truly unique. It takes a while to get to know the real Hamilton but when you take the time, you'll appreciate its charm.

It should be noted that I would totally offer to take him on this tour but I'm too busy ironing my husband's khakis.

Jentine writes the blog myedit. She's from Hamilton and lives with her husband, Matt and the kitty cats, Bec, Stella and Kyle.