HK Davidson, come on down, the CBC Hamilton photo booth winner

The results are in from the CBC Hamilton best photo booth picture contest. The winner is a tattooed bicep.
HK Davidson was the runaway winner in the CBC Hamilton photo booth contest. (Larry Strung)

CBC Hamilton photo booth fans have spoken, the winner is a tattooed bicep.

A picture taken in August at art crawl by Hamilton photographer Larry Strung was the runaway favourite in our contest for best photo booth picture.

And who could forget the photo?

HK Davidson flexing her right bicep to display a tattoo of the Hamilton skyline. She got the tattoo in July from Mata Mata Studios because of her deep love for her hometown.

And remember the T shirt she was wearing? A Russell Gibbs original: You can do anything in Hamilton.

What more can we say? Congratulations.

HK will get a poster sized version of her photo. We hope her mantle is big enough to display it.

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