Hamilton Rocks Video: Steve Strongman

The blues guitarist is the latest to be featured alongside the CBC Music Hamilton Rocks stream.

'Acoustic blues is the heart' of many musical styles: Strongman

On his newest album, Steve Strongman wanted to take listeners back to the primal roots of blues.

"Acoustic blues is the heart of so many styles of music," Strongman said. "That's something that I wanted to get closer to."

On A Natural Fact, Strongman abandons his electric guitar and goes unplugged, harkening back to where the blues started.

His favourite memory in the city comes from 2010, at Hamilton Place. He was opening for blues legend, Buddy Guy.

After his set, a large contingent of the crowd streamed out for a CD and an autograph. About 200 or so CDs were sold.

"Management actually came out and asked the line to go sit down, and said 'Steve will be back to finish signing autographs after Buddy's set.'"

A tall order, when you're prying people away from Buddy Guy.

Follow Steve on Twitter @Strongmanmusic, and listen to his music here. You can also listen to other great Hamilton artists on the CBC Music Hamilton Rocks stream here.


Adam Carter


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