Best of digital Hamilton, May 25

The best of blogs and tweets in Hamilton today.
I thought this was a bird in the dawn sky in downtown Hamilton. (Roger Gillespie)

It will definitely feel like summer today, it's expected to climb towards 30C. There's talk this morning we might set a new record high.

And it will definitely feel hot on Monday when the board of education ratifies a decision to close seven high schools in the city. editor Ryan McGreal _@RyanMcGreal posted this photo on Twitter this morning:

Closeup of the #HamOnt Board of Ed statue: looks like they're waiting for their doom to be handed down.

First up is in the blog world today is a post by Erin Elizabeth @escapefromhere, a Barton Secondary School student. She is also the president of Barton's student council and a member of Barton's school council. She argues:

"Option F does not make sense in any fathomable fiscal way. It is simple to see the finances needed to carry out this plan would greatly exceed the cost of other options. It is speculated to cost just shy of 6 million dollars to keep Barton functioning and approximately 30 million to bring Sherwood up to appropriate standards for a learning environment. Barton is asbestos free received a large financial investment a few years ago to bring it up to a safe and comfortable environment. It should also be noted that Sherwood has not received these upgrades and does not meet the standards for a safe school, yet somehow it as seen as the more logical choice to keep open."

I Heart Hamilton

Kristin at I Heart Hamilton Tour takes you to Harbour Diner for breakfast and chat with CBC Hamilton producer Conrad Collaco.

Ulixis Crafts

Amanda Giesler on her blog Ulixis Crafts shows off her updated Smashbook, AKA scrapbook.

Beehive Craft Collective

The Bees said so long to a couple of their own.  For those of you who don't know the Beehive is a craft and urban homesteading collective.

Henley's Hamilton

The corner of Main and Bay looked a lot different in 1936.

My Edit

And finally, one of the best things about Jentine at Myedit blog is her great sense of humour. Keep scrolling down and you will see it for yourself.