Beat goes on for Hamilton music

There's a new CBC Hamilton playlist, and you could be on it.

There's a new CBC Hamilton playlist, and you could be on it.

Hamilton's own the Dinner Belles can be heard on the new CBC Hamilton playlist, and you could too. (Steve Marck)

It's been a great week speaking with musicians from the Hamilton community.

Across genres, platforms and age groups, they all agree on one thing: Hamilton has one of the most vibrant and supportive music scenes around.

And because of your support, we're keeping Hamilton music on our site.

We've created a CBC Music playlist that exclusively features local talent.

Every time we do a story on Hamilton music, it will include a link to that playlist, showing off the wealth of talent in the city.

But we need your help. There's no way we could possibly find everything out there that deserves attention.

So here's where you come in. If you're a musician with a CBC Music account and you'd like to be on our playlist, drop us an email at

We'll take a listen to your submission and go from there.

If you don't have a CBC Music account, head over to and register. Upload your music, and then send us an email.

You can listen to the start of our playlist here.

This is just the beginning - now the rest is up to you.