Help CBC Hamilton support local food banks with Hamilton Food Share in Sounds of the Seasons

CBC Hamilton is teaming up with Hamilton Food Share to raise donations and support local food banks during the holiday season.

Food and financial donations are being collected until the end of December

Help CBC Hamilton support local food banks through our annual Sounds of the Season campaign. (CBC)

CBC Hamilton is teaming up with the Hamilton Food Share for our annual Sounds of the Seasons campaign to help support local food banks.

 CBC Hamilton is once again offering a limited supply of the very popular CBC tuques to people who donate a minimum of $20 online to Hamilton food banks.

More people are visiting Hamilton food banks this year, with March seeing a record number of 23,000 visits being logged. And as the number of people visiting food banks increases, so does the number of children — Hamilton food share recently reported that children are making up 40 per cent of those going hungry in the city.

You can help by contributing donations of food or financial support, which will go directly to the food banks. For every $20 donates, Hamilton Food Share can provide $100 of groceries to help families. 

Hamilton Food Share's recent hunger report  showed the number of visits made by children to food banks increased by 10 per cent to 9,125. On a typical day, says the food share, children use food banks 304 times. 

Among the kids in line are 1,304 babies, 1,463 preschoolers, 3,212 school aged kids, and 3,146 teenagers. 

Here's how you can help

Up until December 31, those looking to pitch in can donate online through our Sounds of the Season campaign to support local food banks. Be sure to direct your donation to Hamilton. This is how to get a hold of one of the popular CBC tuques, by donating minimum of $20. They are available while supplies last.

Donations of food and financial support will also be accepted in person at our CBC Hamilton station at 118 James Street N. Everything collected will goes back into the community. 

A donation of $20 to Hamilton food share allows the organization to purchase $100 of groceries for hamilton food banks. (Hamilton Food Share)

'Holiday Like You Mean It'

We kicked off our campaign on Saturday, Dec. 7, as CBC Hamilton hosted a trivia night along with Hamilton Food Share at Grain and Grit Beer Co. at 11 Ewen Rd. 

A full house competed alongside a CBC team in an event that raised over $700 in support of local food banks.

Rising need

Director of Hamilton Food Share, Joanne Santucci, said that the rise in numbers hits hard.   

"Most parents want better things for their children," she said. "They worry about all kinds of things...and when you have to worry about the basics of things, even food...it's very disheartening." 

People are in great need, said resource development manager Celeste Taylor, and any contribution makes a difference. 

"It really is important for people to understand that there's so many people out there...coming to food banks [that] need some help," she said. "Any and all generosity is welcome and any size donation is not too big or not too small." 

She added that donations of financial support are appreciated because it allows the programs to purchase fresh, healthy food.

The food share maintains a list of most needed items on its website. She also noted that protein-rich items, like peanut butter, meat-based non-perishables like stew, or canned beans also help.