SKS: What Sheryl Sheppard's boyfriend said to a reporter - that the public never heard

Sheryl Sheppard's boyfriend said some "crazy intriguing" things to local reporter Dan Nolan 19 years ago. On Monday, they will finally go public.
Journalist Dan Nolan holds his notes, which contain comments by Michael Lavoie. Nolan factors heavily into episode seven of the podcast Someone Knows Something. (David Ridgen/CBC)

In 1998, Sheryl Sheppard's boyfriend uttered some words to a local journalist, who scribbled them down in a skinny reporter's notebook.

The comments are "crazy intriguing," says David Ridgen, producer of CBC's Someone Knows Something, a podcast about Sheppard's long-unexplained disappearance.

But the public has never heard them. Until now.

Those comments to Hamilton Spectator reporter Dan Nolan are a focus in episode seven of the podcast, which will be released on Monday.

They happened in 1998, Ridgen said. Nolan was with Odette Fisher, Sheppard's mom, at a gas station.

Sheryl Sheppard has been missing for 19 years.

There was an editorial decision then not to use them, Ridgen said. But Nolan, a veteran reporter, was game to talk about them for the latest episode outlining the cold case.

Nolan has even kept the notebook, dated Feb. 25, 1998. In blue ink, he added "Lavoie comments."

This is season two of Someone Knows Something, a podcast series where Ridgen actively investigates a cold case and produces each week's episode with what he uncovers. He's still not sure where it's going, or how many episodes there will be.

In this case, Sheppard was 29-year-old when she disappeared around Jan. 2, 1998. She'd been to a New Year's Eve party on Dec. 31, 1997 with Lavoie, who was then her boyfriend.

It was one of the last times anyone ever saw her. She called Fisher the next day, but sometime between Jan. 1 and 2, she disappeared. No remains have ever been found.

Nineteen years later, Fisher just wants answers. "I need to put her to rest," she said in December.

In episode seven, Ridgen also drives across the country to visit Lavoie's former partner and mother of his daughters.