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Samantha Craggs is a CBC News reporter based in Hamilton, Ont. She has a particular interest in politics and social justice stories, and tweets live from Hamilton city hall. Follow her on Twitter at @SamCraggsCBC, or email her at

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Police make second arrest in relation to violent Hamilton Pride event

Another Pride supporter has been arrested and charged in relation to the violence at Hamilton Pride, this time for violating a court order.

Cedar Hopperton is on a hunger strike in jail, supporters say

A Hamilton anarchist who is still the only person arrested in connection to the Pride violence June 15 is in the midst of a hunger strike.

'A journey of learning': Indigenous Peoples Day in Hamilton starts with a sunrise service

Take one colour away from the wheel of life, says Allan Loft, and the rest won't survive.

Wesley Day Centre clients plead for the city's help to keep it open

Carrie Guerreiro knows firsthand about the need for the Wesley Day Centre. She drops by there often to hang out, or get a hot meal, or meet with a counsellor.

City looks at how to ban yellow vests from 'a public space like no other'

Hamilton is looking into the legal implications of banning undesirable groups from rallying in the city hall forecourt.

Rally against 'organized hatred' planned for Hamilton city hall Saturday

A group of Hamilton residents will hold a rally Saturday to protest the yellow vest demonstrations that happen outside city hall every weekend.

'We f-cking see you': Hamilton LGBTQ meeting turns into anger at police

A community conversation for Hamilton's LGBTQ residents became a discussion about Hamilton police Tuesday, with some saying they should work on a better relationship and others telling a deputy chief in the audience to leave.

Brantford abortion rally brings all sides, including those who say it saved their lives

Jenn Dahl says if she didn't have an abortion, she'd likely be dead now.

'So many hopes and dreams': HWDSB trustee and prolific volunteer dies at 53

Flags are flying at half staff on Hamilton public schools to mourn Chris Parkinson, a local trustee who founded the Hamilton Blue Dot environmental movement and a charity called Erich's Cupboard.

'We have a lot of work ahead of us': Flag raised for Indigenous History Month

The city will soon debate an urban Indigenous strategy two years in the making. But in the meantime, it had a flag-raising ceremony.

City will fly Pride and trans flags, but won't host flag-raising ceremony

The city's LGBTQ advisory committee cited numerous reasons why it didn't want the city to fly the flags this year. But the mayor says it's important to other people, including the city's LGBTQ staff.

Pro-choice and anti-abortion groups to hold competing protests at Brantford MPP's office

"I was a little bit frustrated with being angry on Facebook," says the event organizer, who's protesting, among other things, MPP Will Bouma speaking at an anti-abortion rally.

Hamilton MPP introduces hospice bill named after her little sister, who died in 1975

For years, a question has haunted Sandy Shaw about one of the worst days of her life — why, when her 17-month-old sister was dying, did her parents rush her baby sister to hospital?

Family of Hamilton girl whose leg was crushed by a train is suing CP Railway

Khelyse Crowe-Kasule was 8 when she was playing near a train, and the train began to move.

Province delaying health care cuts buys Hamilton some time: mayor

If the province wants the city to cut 4 four cent, mayor says, it'll likely mean cutting jobs and services.