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Samantha Craggs is a CBC News reporter based in Hamilton, Ont. She has a particular interest in politics and social justice stories, and tweets live from Hamilton city hall. Follow her on Twitter at @SamCraggsCBC, or email her at

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Downtown Hamilton's dramatic Television City proposal is going ahead

A Toronto developer's controversial twin-tower Television City proposal is going forward.

Hamiltonians are worse at recycling when they're out in public, city says

People are throwing batteries, pet feces and food in public recycling bins, and large amounts of recycling is going to landfill because of it.

City gives faith-based think tank the go-ahead to lease Balfour House

LGBTQ residents raised concerns last year about some of Cardus's past published material.

Hamilton takes another step toward bidding to host the Commonwealth Games

Hamilton 100 will submit the second phase of its bid. The city will endorse it, despite concerns about how much it will cost.

Burlington looking for new brand and logo that sums up the city

The City of Burlington will spend about $250,000 to find a new brand it says will build local pride and help the city "compete globally for talent and investment."

Should there be a fence around the Dundas Peak? Hamilton's conservation authority will debate it

Hamilton's conservation authority will decide next month whether to put a fence around the city's most dangerous selfie spot.

Contaminants in Chedoke Creek are the same as before 24-billion litre spill: consultant

The contaminant levels in Chedoke Creek are no worse than they were before 24 billion litres of sewage and stormwater spilled into the creek, a new report says. And dredging won't help. 

Hamilton police appoint LGBTQ liaison officer to start 'rebuilding trust'

Hamilton police have appointed an openly LGBTQ officer to work with the local queer and trans communities as part of an effort to build trust.

Hamilton police officer faces charges for actions against a city councillor

A former Hamilton undercover police officer faces a number of Police Services Act charges after he used "profane and insulting language" and contacted the friends and acquaintances of a city councillor, says a report from the Office Of Independent Police Review Director (OIPRD).

Hamilton's sidewalk snow-clearing debate will be back this summer

Hamilton city councillors have put off making a decision for another six months about clearing all of the city's sidewalks after winter storms, a move one councillor sees as a way to avoid dealing with the subject. 

Hamilton students march to protest the board halting a black youth mentorship program

Hundreds of students at a high school in Hamilton's lower city walked out of classes Wednesday to protest the school board pausing a mentorship program for black youth.

Norfolk mayor brought 'sh-t sandwich' picture to meeting with provincial minister

Norfolk County's mayor says she was being humorous when she showed Ontario's minister of municipal affairs the photo. She was illustrating the tough budgetary decisions council would soon have to make. A local MPP says it was the wrong move.

Argument over restroom break between 2 Niagara police officers led to shooting: fiancée

The fiancée of a Niagara police officer shot by another police officer in 2018 says the incident was a misunderstanding that started with one officer having to use the washroom, and now the victim is being put on trial. 

2 proposals to renovate downtown entertainment facilities 'very much alive'

Hamilton city council won't say what its next move is on two large proposals to build a revamped downtown entertainment precinct, but one councillor says the proposals are still "very much alive."

Developer wants to build a multi-tower tech hub around Hamilton city hall

A group called Metro Partners Inc. wants to build two towers, a municipal high-rise, a three-storey podium and an urban plaza on city hall land. It even proposes a rooftop skating rink.