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Hamilton East—Stoney Creek

Meet the candidates for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek.

Will longtime MPP Paul Miller be able to keep his seat

Here's a look at the candidates for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek. (Elections Ontario.)

Description: Hamilton East—Stoney Creek runs along a narrow band between that's north of the Niagara Escarpment between and east of Kenilworth Avenue North. The riding continues along Lake Ontario, through Stoney Creek and past Winona near Grimsby.

HESC was created in 2003 from parts of the former Hamilton East and Stoney Creek electoral districts. Since its creation, Paul Miller from the NDP has held its seat.

About half of the people living in the riding are married and the median age is 44. Most listed English as their mother tongue, but there were also thousands of Punjabi, Slavic language and Italian speakers as well.

Population: 107,848 (as of the 2016 census)

What to watch: There are two storylines to watch in HESC. Will longtime MPP Paul Miller be able to keep his seat despite allegations of bullying and racist remarks?

Also, will 24-year-old PC candidate Akash Grewal be the latest is a series of candidates under 30 to get elected to Queen's Park?

Meet the candidates:

Paul Miller 

New Democratic Party candidate Paul Miller has been the riding's MPP since 2007 and also served as Stoney Creek city councillor for two terms.

"Time for hope and change!"

Jennifer Stebbing

Liberal candidate Jennifer Stebbing is a lawyer who specializes in estate law.

"I knew I could wait and see what with the election and then, if like Trump in the States, Ford won, my only option would be to march to save our social programs, labour protections and the planned Liberal expansions to our daycare and healthcare systems. Instead I made the choice to get directly involved and run for office."

Akash Grewal

Progressive Conservative candidate Grewal was working as an advisor for Royal Bank before launching his political campaign.

"It's time to end hallway healthcare! With a PC government, relief will be on its way for the healthcare industry and for all Ontario."

Brian Munroe 

Green Party candidate Brian Munroe is currently running his own consulting company after working for more than 25 years in the barcoding/mobile computing industries.

"I joined the Green Party of Ontario recently because I believe that our planet is in grave danger and our current local government isn't doing enough to address it.  I believe we need to find a better way to promote business in Ontario in harmony with fragile ecosystems."

Linda Chenoweth: None of the Above Party
Allan DeRoo: Ontario Libertarian Party
Lucina MonroyNew People's Choice Party of Ontario