2 people in custody as Hamilton police investigate reports of buried baby

Two people have been taken into custody as Hamilton police investigate unconfirmed reports of a baby buried at a home in the central lower city.

Police say they will be investigating at the Wellington Street North home for days

Hamilton police are investigating unconfirmed reports of a buried baby at a home in the Beasley neighbourhood. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

Hamilton police say they've taken two people into custody as officers investigate unconfirmed reports of a baby buried at a home in the central lower city.

Const. Inderjit Bharaj said a 34-year-old man and 24-year-old woman, both from Hamilton, were expected to attend court Wednesday afternoon.

"They have been charged with unlawfully in a dwelling and there may be possibly other charges pending," Bharaj told CBC News.

It's unclear if their charges are related to the reports of the buried baby.

"A witness came forward out of the community and advised us of the information and we investigated [based on] that information," Bharaj said.

Bharaj said the investigation is "very early" and is being treated as an isolated incident.

Police said in a media release that they received a tip shortly after midnight on Wednesday about "suspicious circumstances" at a home on Wellington Street North.

Crime tape spanned across the front steps of the Wellington Street North units in the Beasley neighbourhood, though it's unclear which unit is the subject of the investigation.

Police tape stretches across the front of 104 and 102 Wellington Street North. The front door at 104 was ajar and shattered glass littered the stairs of 102. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

The front door of one was open, but shattered glass littered the front of the other, and multiple windows were broken and boarded up. A lone police officer sat in his cruiser Wednesday morning, parked beside the homes. 

Previous real estate listings online show the units are two-and-a-half storeys with separate entrances. The listings show they are more than 100 years old and each have five bedrooms and unfinished basements.

Neighbours who live on the same street say the pair of properties have issues, including drug use, squatting and a lack of maintenance.

The backyard of 104 has footprints while the back door of 102 Wellington Street North is boarded up. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

"I've called many times, but the city doesn't do anything," said 68-year-old Angela Marcy.

"Nothing would surprise me with those two houses."

Nikita Whitlock, 29, lives two doors down. He moved onto the street in November with his wife and kids and says the unconfirmed reports are "startling."

"When we say baby buried, these are old houses, right? So are we talking, it could've been done 50 years ago? A hundred years ago?" he asked.

"Since I've lived here, those houses have been boarded up ... I'm sure [police] will get to the bottom of it."

Police said they expect to be at the location for several days.

Anyone with information is asked to call Det. Ebert at 905-546-4167, or Crime Stoppers.

A Hamilton police officer waits beside 104 and 102 Wellington Street North in Beasley. (Bobby Hristova/CBC)

With files from Desmond Brown