Police warn of gas inspection fraud in Burlington area

The City of Burlington and Halton police have received more than 200 calls about fraudulent home gas line inspections this month.

City and police have received more than 200 calls about fraudulent gas line inspections this month

Halton Regional Police say calls on behalf of Union Gas or the City of Burlington to solicit gas line inspections are a scam. (Sehrdad Nazarahari/CBC)

Police are warning Burlington residents to watch out for solicitations of fake gas line inspections and home energy audits.

Since the beginning of August, the City of Burlington and Halton police have received more than 200 calls about a woman demanding an appointment to complete a gas line inspection of their home.

Several men have also been spotted going door-to-door to request home energy audits. 

According to police, these people do not represent the City of Burlington or Union Gas — their employees don't go door-to-door unless it's an emergency situation, in which case they would often be with the Halton Regional Police Service or Burlington Fire Department.

Police say if you receive a call from Union Gas offering to do a natural gas inspection at your home, it's not a legitimate service. You can contact Union Gas directly at 1-888-774-3111 to verify.

Police are advising residents to be vigilant and attentive about who they speak with on the phone and companies they contract for service. 

They say residents should ask questions, get a written contract for products and services, and only deal with reputable companies they've sought out themselves.