Police search rural property for clues on Hamilton woman missing since 2006

Hamilton police have launched a ground search on the rural Flamborough farm house formerly owned by Hasan's family, investigating her disappearance in 2006 when she was 26 years old.

Nuseiba Hasan, last seen at her Flamborough home 9 years ago, was only reported missing last year

Hamilton police combed the area on horseback, foot and ATV on Monday searching for evidence of what happened to Nuseiba Hasan. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

Hamilton police officers have brought in a forensic anthropologist and OPP cadaver dogs as they mount an intensive search of a rural Flamborough property for evidence in the strange case of Nuseiba Hasan

Police searched the property on ATV, foot and horseback Monday for clues of what happened to Hasan, who disappeared in 2006. Her family didn't report her missing until last year.

Police say Nuseiba Hasan was 26-years-old when she vanished back in 2006.

Tuesday, the search will expand with the help of the OPP, which will bring in a ground-penetrating radar unit, cadaver dogs as well as a drone, said Det. Sgt. Peter Thom. The property is 22 hectares (55 acres), so there's a lot of ground to cover.

A forensic anthropologist who worked on the Robert Pickton case is also on scene, Thom said. That person is looking for changes in vegetation and ground pattern.

"We're looking for evidence," Thom said when asked if they're looking for a body.

Officers search the fields around the house at 1207 Concession Rd. 8 W. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

"A body would be one thing. We do believe Nuseiba has been met with foul play."

Hasan's family bought the property at 1207 Concession St. W. in early 2006, several months before she disappeared. Police are still trying to figure out if anyone lived there at the time. The house has been vacant for several years, he said.

Hasan was last seen when a family member dropped her off there in fall 2006. Investigators believe she intended to live there. But when that family member returned the next day, the 26-year-old had vanished.

Thom said it's unusual for a family to not report someone missing for nine years.

"Family dynamics play into all investigations," he said

"Some family members may have thought other family were in contact with her. It's just accumulation of them realizing, or it may be something else."

The family owns several properties in southern Ontario and their native Jordan, Thom said. They sold the Flamborough farm in March 2016, and it changed hands on Oct. 14. Thom said the new owner plans to demolish the farmhouse there.

Dealing with family members in two countries has been challenging, Thom said. Police have been trying to track down relatives, and are getting "mixed cooperation."

Hamilton police have also been in touch with relatives in Jordan. Her father died a few years ago, Thom said. Some of her seven siblings still live in Canada.

Police are still trying to piece together details of Hasan's life. She didn't have a job when she disappeared, Thom said. Investigators are still hoping for leads around if she had friends or belonged to any groups or faith communities here. Police said they had heard from people since going public with their investigation Friday.

Investigators employed the help of a forensic anthropologist to detect changes to the ground at the Flamborough farmhouse. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

"We are keeping our options wide open. We don't know the motive for this."

The investigation has alarmed residents in the rural area. Neighbour Rob Bajak says if someone lived there, they were quiet.

He recalls seeing an older woman and a younger woman working at a roadside produce stand there at least 10 years ago. He also remembers seeing heavy equipment there at one point.

"It's just eerie thinking there could be somebody dead back there," he said. "Hopefully there's not. Hopefully she's just someplace else, on some other property they own."

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