Notorious white nationalist Paul Fromm running to be mayor of Hamilton

Paul Fromm founded a group that has intervened in cases involving homophobia and Holocaust denial. "It's disheartening this person thought he would have an audience in Hamilton," says one councillor.

Fromm got 775 votes when he ran in Mississauga in 2014

Paul Fromm, notorious white nationalist, is running for mayor of Hamilton. (Lorenda Reddekopp/CBC News)

A notorious white nationalist wants to be the mayor of Hamilton.

Paul Fromm, whose organization has defended websites promoting Holocaust denial, has unsuccessfully run for mayor of Mississauga. Now he's running in his new city of Hamilton for the Oct. 22 election.

"I'm in the race and getting the immigration reform message out there," Fromm tweeted Tuesday.

Fromm founded the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE), a non-profit that has intervened in several human rights cases across Canada. Those cases include websites encouraging homophobia and Holocaust denial.

In May, a court granted him intervener status in a human rights case involving flyers that targeted a transgender election candidate in B.C.

Fromm, 69, has also made regular appearances on Stormfront Radio, which describes itself as being "pro-white news, opinion and inspiration."

Fromm got 775 votes in his Mississauga mayoral run in 2014. He also ran in 2010.

Fromm moved to Hamilton Mountain six months ago. He said he has friends in Hamilton, some of whom were the 25 signatures required on his candidacy form.

Despite the tweet about immigration reform, Fromm said he's running to draw attention to traffic gridlock. He also denied he's looking for personal attention. "If I wanted attention, I'd run naked down King Street."

Matthew Green, Ward 3 councillor, says Fromm's candidacy is "a symptom of a much larger values conversation we're having, not just in Hamilton but across the country."

"It's disheartening this person thought he would have an audience in Hamilton."


Samantha Craggs is journalist based in Windsor, Ont. She is executive producer of CBC Windsor and previously worked as a reporter and producer in Hamilton, specializing in politics and city hall. Follow her on Twitter at @SamCraggsCBC, or email her at samantha.craggs@cbc.ca