Visit CBC Hamilton and CBC K-W at Our Sustenance in Six Nations

CBC Hamilton and CBC Kitchener-Waterloo are partnering with Our Sustenance for the first time for a live cooking demonstration.

Watch the live stream on Friday, Sept. 27 on our Facebook page

Our Sustenance in Six Nations of the Grand River will hold a live cooking demonstration and greenhouse tours. (Christine Rankin)

CBC Hamilton and CBC Kitchener-Waterloo are heading to the kitchen of Our Sustenance in Six Nations of the Grand River to come together and learn about Haudenosaunee food — and you can be there too. 

On Friday, Sept. 27 guests can visit Our Sustenance and it's cabin, greenhouse, and apiary for this first time collaboration. 

Guests will get a live cooking demonstration by chef Aicha Smith-Belghaba using traditional Haudenosaunee ingredients, tours of the greenhouse and its produce and traditional medicinal plants, and a corn-braiding demonstration with white corn produced by community farmers. 

They'll also get the chance to have some coffee, make buttons, and have a meet and greet with The Morning Edition's Craig Norris, host of CBC Kitchener- Waterloo's morning show.

CBC Hamilton will also be streaming the event live on our Facebook page. Guests can arrive starting at 8:30 a.m. with the demonstration starting at 9:00 a.m. The event runs until about 11:30.

Tabitha Curley, the manager of communications for Six Nations of the Grand River Development Corporation, which sponsors Our Sustenance, said that people can look forward to a positive atmosphere.   

"The space here is magical. It's really beautiful outside, the greenhouse is gorgeous, the log cabin's amazing," she said. "It kind of all works together in harmony, so I think that's beautiful." 

Many of the ingredients used will be sourced locally, including from Our Sustenance's greenhouse. (Christine Rankin)

Aicha Smith-Belghaba's cooking is informed by Algerian and Six Nations cooking styles. She creates dishes based on research, but doesn't strictly follow recipes. Instead, she says she "dances."

Participants will sample a sweet corn mush and meal of wild turkey and wild rice - a nod to Thanksgiving, Smith-Belghaba said, but without all the processed white breads. 

They'll also get to try a roasted red pepper and tomato soup. The twist, Smith-Belghaba said, is this doesn't initially seem like a Haudenosaunee dish. She said she wants to show how you can use Haudenosaunee ingredients in your diet and still cook different cuisine. 

"I think that's important in this day and age to be able to do both," she said. "[To] have your traditional foods and know how to make those, but also take those traditional ingredients and be able to put them into other recipes that you would normally have."

(Christine Rankin)

A nutritionist will also be at the demonstration to answer questions. 

And guests will be able to leave ready to grow their own ingredients. Out back in the greenhouse, seed packets with the "three sisters" of corn, beans, and squash, will be available and people will learn how to best prepare the seeds for planting. 

The representatives of the local Farmer's Association and Six Nations Community Food Bank will also be attending. 

 Our Sustenance is located on 4th Line in Ohsweken.

Check out the event on Facebook and confirm your attendance on Eventbrite.