Our new web page features winning picture in contest for iconic Hamilton image

Back in February we asked you to send us an iconic image of your city for display at the top of CBC Hamilton's new web page. The response was overwhelming and is deeply appreciated. We have a winner.

Thanks to dozens of local photographers who found something beautiful and were kind enough to share

This photo of the Skyway Bridge in the early morning light taken by Hamilton's Heather Petre was the winner of CBC Hamilton's iconic Hamilton photo contest. (Heather Petre)

CBC Hamilton is launching a new-look web page this week that will feature a stunning photograph of the Skyway bridge in the early morning light.

That picture was the winner in a contest we launched in February, asking you to send us an iconic image of your city for display at the top of CBC Hamilton's newly designed news page.

We were overwhelmed by, and greatly appreciate, the response. The call-out became a dive into the deep pool of talented, local photographers each with an eye for dramatic, powerful images of their city.

Thanks to the dozens of photographers who found something beautiful and were kind enough to share. We want to return the favour and are sharing some of those photographs here.

Heather Petre is a talented Hamilton photographer and the champion in CBC Hamiton's banner photo contest. (Samantha Craggs/CBC)

The photographer who took our winning image is Heather Petre, a 63-year-old retired from Canada Post. The Mountain resident is a long-time amateur photographer.

"It's my hobby. This is the thing I love the most," she told CBC.

Petre began her hobby in the days before digital. In the film era, she would take her photos and develop the film in her bathroom. Once retired, Petre started pursuing her hobby more actively. 

She's up early several times a week cruising the area, looking for pictures. That's how she found the winning shot. 

"It just happened." 

She was on the Burlington side of the bay, with her camera pointing towards Hamilton.

It's a beauty.

Petre won a CBC prize pack for her photograph. As mentioned at the time, we might from time to time switch that photograph out for some of the others submitted.

Our new-look page is being released gradually, offered to more and more viewers over the next week or so.

In addition to a new look, the page offers a longer line-up of stories, a better experience on your mobile device and offers links to the best of CBC content. The new look will be featured on all of CBC.ca's web pages. Here's an FAQ.

Below are some of the other great photos that were too good not to share. You can see even more at the CBC Hamilton Facebook page.

Honourable Mentions

Bayfront Park and its pavilion. (Rajmy Sayavong)
A look out at the setting sun over Hamilton Harbour. (Corey McGill)
Hamilton smokestacks. (Terrance Geissler)
The Burlington Canal Lift Bridge. (Elaine Duguay)
Webster's Falls. (Joseph Hollick)
A stunning view of the Hamilton skyline. (Daniel Higgins)
"The Argyll and Sutherland's Dome at Hamilton's Bayfront Park is hands-down my ultimate destination in the city - especially during the summer when I want a perfect viewing area to watch the sun set." - Sarah Janes. (Sarah Janes)
A view of Hamilton city hall under a winter's night sky. (Ehsan Taghavi)