Tim Bosma trial: Gun photos found on Dellen Millard's computer

Investigators examining computers found at Dellen Millard's Toronto home discovered pictures of guns and the online ad for Tim Bosma's truck in the internet browsing history, court heard Wednesday at the trial of two men accused of killing the Hamilton-area man.

Browser history of Millard's computer shows link to Bosma's Autotrader ad for pickup

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      Investigators examining computers found at Dellen Millard's Toronto home discovered pictures of guns and the online ad for Tim Bosma's truck in the internet browsing history, court heard Wednesday at the trial of two men accused of killing the Hamilton-area man.

      Jim Falconer, a retired officer who worked in the Ontario Provincial Police's electronic crime unit, returned to the witness box to take the jury through the data evidence recovered from computers and devices seized as part of the murder investigation.

      Millard, 30, of Toronto, and Mark Smich, 28, of Oakville, are accused of killing Bosma, 32, who lived in the suburban Ancaster area of Hamilton. Both accused have pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in Ontario Superior Court.

      Bosma disappeared in May 2013 after leaving his home to take two men on a test drive of a pickup truck he was trying to sell. More than a week later, police announced he was dead.

      Prosecutors believe that Bosma was shot and killed inside the Dodge truck he had been trying to sell online, after which his body was burned in a livestock incinerator.

      Gun photos found on multiple computers

      Among the photos shown to the jury was one of a man holding a gun, an image found on an iPad backup on Millard's computer. Although the photo was found on a computer seized from Millard's home, it was in a backup file that corresponded with an iPad previously seized from Smich's home, court heard.

      This screen grab is from a video of The Eliminator incinerator, taken from a hard drive on a computer seized from Millard's home. The video was shot with an iPhone 4 on Sept. 5, 2012, court heard. It appears to have been shot inside the MillardAir hangar. (Court exhibit)

      The device's name was "Mark's iPad," Falconer's presentation showed. Many photos on the iPad appear to show Smich and his girlfriend, Marlena Meneses. 

      In the photo with the gun, the weapon partially obscures the face of the man holding it. Falconer testified that a mole on the finger of the man holding the gun was similar to a mole on the finger of a man holding a drink in a photo found on the iPad registered to Smich.

      More photos of a gun were recovered from other computers inside Millard's home. One of them was recovered from an iPhone backup in an iMessage conversation that Falconer said appeared to be between Millard and his girlfriend, Christina Noudga.

      Noudga is expected to testify at the trial at a later date and has been charged as an accessory after the fact.

      The metadata from another photo of a gun showed it was taken on Feb. 14, 2012, near the Millard residence, the report said.

      In cross-examination, Smich's lawyer Thomas Dungey questioned whether or not Falconer had the expertise to identify whether or not the gun seen in the photos is real, as he isn't a ballistics expert.

      "You can't say it's a gun, can you?" Dungey asked. "It would be difficult for me to say with 100 per cent certainty it's a gun," Falconer responded.

      Bosma's truck ad viewed on computers seized from Millard home

      Falconer also showed the jury data recovered from multiple computers found in Millard's Etobicoke home. The data  shows that a user looked at the Autotrader ad for Tim Bosma's truck just days before he vanished.

      Tim Bosma disappeared in May, 2013. (Facebook)

      The URL for Bosma's Autotrader ad was accessed on May 3 and May 4 from the "Dellen" Windows user account on two different computers inside the home, Falconer's report showed.

      The internet browsing history from May 4 also showed searches on Autotrader for Dodge Ram trucks in Ancaster, North York, Kitchener and Etobicoke, Falconer testified.

      The jury also heard more about The Eliminator — the animal incinerator containing human remains that was found on Millard's Waterloo, Ont.-area farm.

      A folder on one of the computers contained a video of the incinerator. The video was shot with an iPhone 4 on Sept. 5, 2012. "It depicted what appeared to be the interior of the air hangar … it panned towards a picture of what appeared to be The Eliminator device," Falconer said.

      GPS co-ordinates in the metadata show the video was shot at the MillardAir hangar, he said.

      Court also heard about a Word document located on a hard drive found at Millard's home titled "My old profile."

      Data on the file shows it was a profile for the dating website Passion.com, court heard. In it, the profile says, "Hi there, my name is Evan."

      Witnesses who were trying to sell trucks similar to Bosma's have testified to hearing from an Evan, both on the phone and in person.

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