Tiffany St. residents fight Hamilton city hall over Pan Am plan

Three Hamilton residents bring legal action against the city over costs for an expropriation that never happened. CBC's As It Happens speaks to their lawyer.

Lawyer talks with CBC's As It Happens about OMB challenge

The Tiffany Street area of Hamilton was the main contender to house Hamilton's Pan Am Games stadium, but now three residents say they are paying the price for a change of mind by city authorities.

In the end, the city simply decided to renovate the current Ivor Wynne stadium — after spending millions buying up and demolishing houses and businesses in the Tiffany Street neighbourhood.

Well, three houses on Tiffany Street decided not to sell. Now these residents are going to court over the costs they incurred because of the city's expropriation threat.

Shane Rayman is the lawyer representing the residents. The CBC's As It Happens spoke with him Wednesday evening. You can hear the interview by clicking the Listen link above.