Supercrawl: 9 visual artist installations announced

Supercrawl organizers have announced deatils of nine visual art installations that will appear at the festival in September.
The annual Hamilton music and arts festival runs from September 12-14, 2014. (Supercrawl)

There will be plenty of art to check out when listening to all that music this September at Supercrawl. Festival organizers have announced a group of nine visual arts installations that will be on display between September 12 and 14 during the festival.

The work of Edmonton-born artist Dean Drever will be featured during the festival. Organizers say this will be the Hamilton premiere of the artist, whose work has been shown at locations across North American including at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

Several local Hamilton artists will have their work on display as well including David Collier. You can see some of his work lower down on this page. Collier stopped by CBC Hamilton after putting together a sketch of James St. North with the street was shutdown during the filming of the new Robocop movie.

Here's a list of the art projects you can expect at Supercrawl 2014:

Dean Drever (Kingston/Toronto)

In Bear Hunt, Dean Drever draws on the Kodiak, a Haida symbol of supreme physical and supernatural power, as a meditation on power, vulnerability and the nature-culture divide.

Zeke Moores (Windsor)

Moores chooses to monumentalize the port-o-potty to dramatic effect by creating a casting that far removes this object from its plastic origins.

Laura Marotta (Hamilton)

Octagon Shelter is a wood and steel structure with quirky openings. It explores built shapes, positioned somewhere between sculpture and architecture.

Sean Martindale (Toronto)

Martindale’s textile-based intervention responds to the characteristics of the site, questioning the urban environment and prompting the audience to rethink public space at this crucial moment of transformation in downtown Hamilton.

Andrew McPhail (Hamilton)

McPhail’s sequined T-shirts blatantly convey personal and commonly shared insecurities about identities and perceptions.

Dave Collier did this sketch of a local business on the street, which was closed for the RoboCop filming. (Dave Collier)

Marco D’Andrea (Hamilton)

The Mulberry pedestrian corridor will be re-imagined as a sound portal full of speakers with an amplified canopy of ambient rhythms.

Natalie Hunter (Waterloo)

Hunter’s photographic collage explores personal memory and the places of her childhood on the outskirts of Hamilton.

David Collier (Hamilton)

Collier’s graphic work displays the wealth of artistic and literary inspiration he finds in Hamilton; his comics are printed as large images covering the street.

kírkē (Hamilton)

The Cocoon is a sculptural sanctuary within the rush of Supercrawl – an introspective refuge that celebrates the beauty of change.