Police stop sidewalk bicyclist, find loaded flare gun in his waistband

22-year-old man was carrying a flare gun that had been altered to look more realistic, police say.

Officer noticed man was "extremely nervous" when he stopped him for riding his bike on sidewalk

Police released a photo of the weapon that was seized on Saturday. (Hamilton Police Service)

Police filed another installment Saturday in the ongoing series of Hamilton incidents that unfold when their perpetrators decided to illegally ride their bikes on the sidewalk.

On Saturday around 8 p.m. a man was seen riding a bike on the sidewalk near King Street East and Sanford Avenue North, "with no regard for pedestrians," police say. 

An officer stopped the man and noticed he "appeared extremely nervous" and looked like he was hiding something in his waistband. The officer thought it might be a weapon, and so he told him that he would be detained as a result of the officer's observations, police say. 

The officer seized a loaded and armed flare gun that had been altered to look black and more like a realistic gun. 

The 22-year-old man was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, failing to comply with probation and possessing a firearm against an order not to.