Murder charges laid after man shot in apartment confrontation dies in hospital

Police have laid murder charges after a man who was injured during an early morning shooting in a building on Hess Street succumbed to injurings.
Hamilton police investigate an early morning shooting at an apartment building on Hess St. (Tony Smyth/CBC)

A man who was shot at a central Hamilton apartment building on Friday morning has succumbed to his injuries. 

Police have charged a 23-year-old man of no fixed address with one count of second degree murder.

About a dozen police cruisers were called to 95 Hess St. S. just after 4 a.m. this morning.

Carmen D'Angelo, a manager with Hamilton EMS, said two men in their 20s were taken to Hamilton General Hospital. One man, had gunshot wounds, according to EMS.

The second man had minor injuries — it's not clear if he also sustained gunshot wounds. He was later released and taken into police custody.

Hamilton police's homicide unit is investigating. Police have set up a command post. A large area around the building has been blocked off by police. Officers have closed a back exit from the high rise.

Jim Addley, a resident of the building, said he heard a bang in the early morning, but figured somebody had lit off a firecracker in the one of the hallways.

 He said he hears screaming and fights in hallways on a regular basis, and has become accustomed to hearing loud noises in the middle of the night.

"I mind my own business. It's nothing new around here."

Richard Gunby, another resident of 95 Hess St. S, said he's "scared half to death" by the shooting.

Gunby, 53, who is on disability, said he's looking into the possibility of the transferring buildings.

"If my mom sees this on the news, she's going to make me get out of here."

Grant Carr, lives in the building, and began his on Friday day taking his dog for a walk.

Grant Carr, out walking his dog, lives on the sixth floor of the high-rise at 95 Hess St. S. in Hamilton. Police were called to the building after two males were taken to hospital with gunshot wounds Friday morning. (Julia Chapman/CBC)

"So many police cars," he said, scanning the corner of Hess South and Jackson West streets.

Carr, who lives on the sixth floor of the high-rise, said he heard about the shooting on the news.

"I turned to the local channel and saw there had been some sort of altercation," he said.

There used to be a lot of drug activity in the building, he said. But no serious incidents recently.

"A lot of people who live here are on disability or welfare and when they get their cheques, they might party a little, but that's it," he said, adding its been quiet in his hallway recently.

'Everyone is friendly,' says one resident

Louise Stenson, a 16th floor resident, likes living in the building.

"Everyone is friendly and says hi in the elevator," she said, surprised to find cruisers outside as she left for the morning.

She, too, didn't know what happened until she left just after 8 a.m. The officers at the main entrance told her there was a shooting.

"My neighbour who lives on the corner heard the fire alarm, but I heard nothing, she said.

Nicole Stefaniek lives on the fourth floor where she says the shooting happened. She hasn't been allowed to return home.

Stefaniek said police told her not to expect to return "until about noon."

She said she didn't hear any shots from her unit, "Just police cars and ambulances, that's it."

Over a weekend in late May 2012, two people were arrested in two separate stabbings at this address.


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