Inmate at Barton jail found dead Sunday

Police, province and coroner investigating the death of an inmate in his 40s.

A man in his 40s who was an inmate at the Barton jail was found dead there on Sunday

An inmate died Sunday at the Barton jail. (Adam Carter/CBC)

A man in his 40s who was an inmate at the Barton jail was found dead there on Sunday.

Paramedics were called to Hamilton-Wentworth Detention Centre on Barton Street on Sunday afternoon. When they arrived at 2:17 p.m., the man was without vital signs, said Jeff Dunford, a supervisor for Hamilton Emergency Medical Services.

"The patient was pronounced (dead) and was left at the scene for the coroner," Dunford said.   

Brent Ross, a spokesman for the Ministry of Correctional Services and Community Safety, said the inmate's death is the "subject of multiple investigations" and thus he could not share any details.

"Shoul‎d the coroner determine the death was due to anything other than natural causes, an inquest will be called," Ross said. "If the death is natural, the calling of the inquest is called at the discretion of the coroner."

Coroner's inquest

There have been several deaths inside the jail in recent years and many have been linked to drug overdoses. A coroner's inquest was called in late August to examine drug use in the jail. It is not known when this inquest will take place.

The inquest will probe the deaths of William Acheson, Martin Tykoliz, Stephen Conrad Neeson, David Michael Gillian and Louis Angelo Unelli, who all died in drug-related incidents inside the jail from 2012 to 2015.

Another man was found dead at the prison in October. It's unknown if his name will be added to the inquest list.

No information has been provided to confirm if this latest death was the result of a drug overdose.