Hamilton weather, traffic and more: Daystarter Tuesday

Here's your news, weather and traffic for Tuesday, August 19.
A high of 23 C is in store for Tuesday. (CBC)

Tuesday marks a sombre anniversary in Canadian history.

On Aug. 19, 1942, 6,100 Allied soldiers, most of whom were from Canada, raided the beaches of Dieppe, in Nazi-occupied France.

According to Veterans Affairs Canada, of the nearly 5,000 Canadians who participated in the invasion, only 2,200 returned to base in England. More than 900 died and almost 1,950 were taken as prisoners of war.

Hamilton paid a high cost during the Dieppe raid, considered one of the worst disasters in Canadian military history. Of the 582 Royal Hamilton Light Infantry soldiers who participated in the mission, 194 were killed and 177 were taken as prisoners of war. 

Ontario Provincial Police are reporting the following collisions on highways in the Hamilton area on Monday morning:

  • Toronto-bound QEW on the upside of the Burlington Skyway, Hamilton: two vehicles on the left shoulder, tow truck at scene, 7:48 a.m.

GO Transit says there aren’t any major delays on its train and bus lines running in and out of Hamilton.

Environment Canada is calling for a mix of sun and cloud and a high of 23 C for Tuesday. But cloudy skies and a 60 per cent of showers, with a risk of a thunderstorm, are in the forecast for the overnight period.

The thunderstorm risk is set to carry over into Wednesday morning.  A few showers — and yes, a risk of a thunderstorm — are in the forecast for the beginning of the afternoon. A high of 25 C is expected for the day. 

Would you buy t-shirts or gift cards playfully referencing one of the most grizzly and sensational crime stories in Hamilton history? Hamilton designer Chris Farias is coming out with a line of Evelyn Dick-themed memorabilia, to be debuted at Supercrawl on Sept. 11. 

Dick, whose myth has taken on a life of its own in this city, was arrested for murder in the 1940s after a group of children found her husband’s torso on the side of the Mountain. Her conviction was overturned, but she was later charged with — and then imprisoned for — killing her infant son and encasing his body in cement. Chilling stuff. 

Blurry photos aren't always bad photos. Case in point: here's Twitter user Gamble's glowing shot of Hamilton's waterfront from the High Level bridge.