Hamilton board defends decision to keep schools open

Classes carried on at both Hamilton school boards as well as McMaster Universty and Mohawk College Tuesday morning despite record breaking temperatures. Some students and parens thought that was the wrong decision.

Hamilton students: Your school board is looking forward to seeing you today

The board made its final decision on Flamborough, east Hamilton and Mountain schools on June 16. (Terry Asma/CBC)

Hamilton’s public school board stands by its decision to keep schools open despite freezing temperatures. Classes will continue as long as teachers and staff can ensure the safety of students says John Malloy, Director of Education for Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.

“It’s our job to ensure a safe environment; it’s the parents decision if they wish to keep their children at home,” Malloy said.

The board took some criticism in online forums like twitter for staying open on a day when the windchill was at -38 C during the morning's school commute hours.

Malloy emphasizes the need for parents to consider the weather conditions before sending their children to school. Opinion varies among parents on what type of weather is too extreme since most students still showed up at school on January 7 with temperatures dipping to a record -24 C in Hamilton.

Classes also continued at  the Hamilton Catholic board as well as McMaster Universty and Mohawk College Tuesday.

Today is the coldest January 7 on record in Hamilton with temperatures dropping to -24 C and a wind chill of -38 C as of  6 a.m.

All buses were running today, but the board expected there would be some delays due to the weather.

The school boards in Waterloo and Wellington regions chose a different approach to the weather. All classes were cancelled for Waterloo Region public and Catholic schools, as well as Wellington Catholic and Upper Grand District school boards due to extreme winter weather. Temperatures in the Kitchener-Waterloo region are -25 C with a wind chill dropping to -41 C.

Many Hamilton students took to Twitter to find out if they could stay in bed on this cold, cold morning.

Many were not happy to learn they were expected to brave the cold.