Forget Art Crawl, here comes Pollution Crawl

Environment Hamilton's event aims to examine Hamilton's challenges and possibilities.
This photo shows scrap yard emissions from a Port tenant on Sherman Ave North, Environment Hamilton says. (Environment Hamilton)

There's a new player on Hamilton's burgeoning crawl scene – but it isn't as unyieldingly positive as Art Crawl has been.

Say hello to Pollution Crawl.

Despite the dire name, it's not solely an examination of the underbelly of Hamilton's industrial history, says Environment Hamilton head Lynda Lukasik, who is one of the crawl's organizers.

"We want people to know about Hamilton's challenges, but also its possibilities," Lukasik said.

Pollution Crawl takes place on Sunday, Nov. 29, and will share stories about the good, the bad and the ugly on Sherman Avenue North.

Community members will share stories about the "hidden gem" called the Sherman Inlet, which is the last remnant of original creek running through the lower city, Environment Hamilton says.

Lukasik says the plan is to discuss what it will take to rehabilitate that site, which is currently sitting behind chain link fence and barbed wire.

There will also be discussions about the proposed Port Fuels waterfront gasification plant, which has been an issue of much contention in the city since it was first raised.

"Really, this is all about a group of people wanting to raise more awareness about Hamilton's industrial core," Lukasik said.

Pollution Crawl is happening on Nov. 29 from 11 a.m. to noon. The crawl starts at City Kidz at 601 Burlington Street East.


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