Cardio with a side of fall foliage: Hamilton's stairs and trails

Don't tell Dundurn Stairs, but Chedoke is more popular.
The Dundurn Street Stairs logged the second-highest number of trips in a city study of its outdoor spaces. (Kelly Bennett/CBC)

Where do Hamiltonians head when they want to climb, roll, blade, bike, walk or run? To the stairs! And the trails! 

Here's a look at the most popular escarpment stairs and waterfront trails at 67 different measuring points around the city, according to the most recent count done for the city's Active Transportation Benchmarking Program.

Most popular stairs: Chedoke

Followed by: Dundurn

Note: Most people do repeat trips up and down for exercise, so the numbers may not count individual workouts.

Busiest trail: Waterfront Trail's east end

Second-busiest trail: Waterfront Trail at Bayfront Park

Busiest season: Summer

Caveats on these rankings: For this post we looked at 2013-2014 data from the City of Hamilton's Active Transportation Benchmarking ProgramAs many readers have noted, the comparisons from stairs-to-stairs or trail-to-trail aren't always clear. Some trails and stairs had their traffic measured all year round and thus had a city-calculated "annual projection" for traffic. Some were only tracked in one season. Some had a "peak week" measurement (which we used for the "in a week" stats above) and some did not. Some, like Kenilworth Stairs, weren't tracked at all. 

Kyra Hayes and Greg Tedesco showed off their favourite stairs, on Dundurn Street and York Boulevard, with a Thanksgiving Monday visit: 


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